Central Library – Municipal Public Library in Gliwice

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Central Library – Municipal Public Library in Gliwice

photo: D. Nita-Garbiec / Gliwice City Hall

Address data
ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 17
Contact details
Wypożyczalnia dla Dorosłych: +48 32 231 54 05, Czytelnia Naukowa: +48 32 238 26 52, Wypożyczalnia Muzyczna: +48 32 238 26 52, Oddział dla Dzieci nr 33: +48 32 238 26 63

Currently the Municipal Public Library network consists of the Central Library, Biblioforum, 17 branches, and 7 departments addressed to children. It is a culture dissemination institution open to public. The terms and conditions governing the use of the library are defined in the Regulations available in each branch.

The collections of the library comprise books, magazines, as well as music and special collections. They are systematically enriched with new publications. The Central Library and the Science Reading Room boast a rich collection of science and popular science publications.

Most library branches offer current magazines, whereas bound yearbooks are available in the Press Reading Room.

The Rental of Music and Special Collections, besides “spoken books” offers vinyl records, CDs, and tapes. In selected branches payable photocopy services are available.

Opening times

Facilities for physically disabled visitors: wheelchair ramp, lift, toilet for the disabled, service bell. More information can be obtained by phone.

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