Biblioforum – Municipal Public Library in Gliwice

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Biblioforum – Municipal Public Library in Gliwice

photo: Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Gliwicach

Address data
ul. Lipowa 1
Contact details
+48 32 335 74 47

Universal library, for adult readers as well as children. Located in Forum Shopping Centre at level +2. In Biblioforum readers can borrow books, audiobooks, and e-book readers. They can also avail of access to newspapers and magazines.

Board games and a PlayStation console are made available in a special game room.

Visitors are free to use 3 All-in-One devices with large touchscreens and 3 laptops with access to Internet and a printing option. The terms and conditions of use are defined in the Regulations and Pricelist, available on the website

The library is disabled-friendly.

Opening times

Facilities for physically disabled visitors: lift, no threshold at the entrance. Forum Shopping Centre is equipped with toilets for the disabled. More information can be obtained by phone.

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